The changing leaves in Fall, the intricate etching on the blade and handle of this fish knife, and the “Streetwise Magazine” salesman who took great pride in doing his job – they’re things that I noticed and that made me smile.

In the same vain as my last two posts, it seems FOMO, fear of missing out, has overtaken the world. The problem that I see is that we have no idea how much we’re really missing while we’re searching the internet for – for what? We’re walking down the street glued to our phones, missing what’s all around us! 

Sometime ago I did a sketch project focusing on daily observations that brought joy to my day. I guess it was a FOMO project of a different kind! The above sketches are part of those observations. Here are a few more.

I hope they bring a smile to your face and encourage you to see the simple graces and joy in the everyday.

While I was lamenting the lack of noticing what is in front of us besides our phones, I came across a fun book by Rob Walker, The Art of Noticing; 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday. He gives exercises and observations for the novice and the advanced explorers of everyday wonders. He didn’t write it just for me, but it speaks to me as if he had. It’s what I’ve been talking about for along time! #remarqueoftheday, #dailygrace, #simplegrace

 BTW – I’m restarting that sketch project and calling it the “Littles”, one little sketch a day of something that I noticed and that made me smile.  Thanks Rob Walker for the inspiration!