Each year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve chosen a word  as a theme to focus on, explore, and  expand my mindset. This year my word is Season. It can mean many things. It defines the passing year in four stages. It adds flavor. Someone who is seasoned has experience. Season changes bring amazing color changes to my painting palette .And then there are surprises! 

When I think of Fall I think of changing leaves, crisp air, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. My mindset didn’t expand enough to include SNOW. 

The sketch here is the view from my studio window on Halloween! Wind blowing, snow swirling, and Trick or Treaters singing Christmas songs – a Halloween to remember! 

I’ve started to think about a word for 2020. Repeat Season? Wonder? Notice? Still? 


“Nature gives to every season a beauty all its own.” – Charles Dickens